Message for BOMA Spokane 2017 President - Aaron Hayes, Global Credit Union - Facilities Management                     

Hello BOMA Spokane Members!

                I am excited for the opportunity to serve as your 2017 BOMA Spokane President.  I have recently met with our board and we are excited to continue working for YOU, our membership!  We not only want to maintain our recent growth, but we want to continue to find ways to add value to your membership!   We have some exciting ideas’ for 2017 that should enhance your membership, networking, and involvement!

                I am often asked “What is BOMA?”  After I explain the acronym, I follow up with some of these points:

  • We get involved and have a platform to be heard through our organizational Legislative efforts locally, in Olympia, and nationally for the real estate industry and its vendors.
  • I get the chance to work, benchmark, and compare with fellow industry counterparts.
  • I have an already vetted associate membership to connect and build relationships with.  I can find almost any service provider out of our BOMA directory that I may need quickly as a Facilities Manager.

Those are a just a few of my belief’s in BOMA.  Here are a few testimonials from your fellow membership:

BOMA Spokane provides a regular opportunity to engage with my peers in the commercial real estate industry in a fun and cooperative environment” Jaime Traeger, JMA Commercial Real Estate

BOMA is a great source of professional information that is constantly utilized in my performance” Spencer Sowl, Avista Development

Moving to the area and not knowing anybody, BOMA gave me a place where I could get to know the business community, build friendships, and learn about Spokane” Karl Bowen, Branch Manager - ABM Janitorial

 How about that for “What is BOMA?”!  I can’t wait to see you all in 2017!  Please remember to fill out the necessary info for the BOMA Home Depot program if applicable for your business (just another way to validate & enhance your membership).  In addition, please mark your calendars for the BOMA Regional Conference being hosted by BOMA Spokane, September 20-22, 2017.  This will be a great opportunity to network, benchmark, and learn with your industry peers from around the Pacific NW Region.


Aaron S. Hayes - 2017 BOMA Spokane President