Here's a list of our member organizations who have committed to help on June 14th

 Boys & Girls Club Volunteer Day!

Location: 544 E. Providence Ave, Spokane 99207      Time: 9am - 3PM To Include BBQ Lunch

Please Check Out This Spreadsheet Link To See Where We Can Use Help

Projects & Assignments


Global Credit Union: Attending: 2 - Aaron Hayes & Jeff Erno. Bringing Tools: Extension cords, Hand tools- Hammers, screwdrivers etc., Shovel & rake, 1 -55 gallon trash can, 1-coreless drill, Cold water power washer, have truck and van that can haul away trash bags at the end of the day. Hasp Lock for kitchen & Carpet tiles to patch carpet section when wall is removed 

ABM - American Building Maintenance: Attending: 4 - Karl Bowen & 3 colleagues with basic maintenance and handy-man skills (painting, power washing, cleaning, power tool use, basic landscaping, electrical, and plumbing) Bringing Tools: Extension cords, Hand tools- Hammers, screwdrivers etc., shovels, racks, 2 back pack leaf blowers, 4-32 gallon brute trash cans, 2 -55 gallon brute trash cans, 2-cordless drills, Circle saw, Cold water power washer. Bringing Supplies:4- 4x8 sheets of FRP  

Washington Trust Bank: Attending 3 - Doug Dittamore, Jake Melville, and Alecia Hill all 3 are reasonably handy.

COBRA BEC: Attending: 2 - Kim Orr & Kasi Smith can help wherever needed have skills in landscape clean up or painting. Bringing Tools: 2 rakes. Bringing Supplies: Trash bags and some gloves for pulling weeds

Inland Elevator: Attending: 1 - Mary Richards no specific construction skills, but available for helping someone who does, overall general cleaning, assist with check in/check out procedures or any other type of organizational items needed. 

Avista Development - Steam Plant: Attending: 2 - Spencer Sowl & DIVCO Plumber to remove drinking fountain. Bringing Tools: drill, skill-saw. Bringing Supplies: 8 sheet plywood, and 1" & 2" wood screws.

Sherwin Williams: Attending 1 - Cathy Pieroff Bring Tools & Supplies: 5 gallons of paint for the exterior portion, 2 gallons of Blue for the pillars inside, 2 gallons of primer for pillars, Paint for a small cabinet, 2 tubes of repair caulk for pillars, 2 brushes, 4 roller covers, frames, 2 rolls masking tape

SupplyWorks: Attending: 1 -Gina Ferraiuolo can assist as a construction helper. Bringing Supplies: Trash Bags & 30 pairs of safety glasses and ear plugs.

Fluid Applied Roofing: Attending 2 - Jennifer Goe & Brooke Shmoe can assist with general landscaping projects from 9am - Noon.

Umpqua Bank: Attending 4 - Kelly Young, Kanani Coleman, JJ Klausm & Michael Palmer.

Resource Synergy: Attending 1 - Erik Makinson

UNICO Properties: Attending 6 - Ron White, LaDonna Carpenter, Tim Burk, Jason Lee, Duane Palmer & Chris Renn. Some of the engineers have 07 electrical licenses. Bringing Supplies: Unico would be willing to purchase some items, Please let them know how they can help.

Kiemle & Hagood Company: Attending 1 - Bill Ryan  can help with grounds clean up, can work on the wall tear down.Bringing Toolsreciprocating saw, extension cords, hammers, crowbars etc. 

WEB Properties: Attending 1 - Andrew Butler can assist with general projects

Vanguard Cleaning: Attending 1 - Bryce Withers can assist with general projects

Burke's Klien's DKI: Attending 2 - Bryce Lund and Rob May from Lowes Pro Service. Bringing Supplies:2 light fixtures and the 7 sheets of plywood.

Spokane Building Maintenance: Attending 2 - Steve Watkins & Daughter. Bring Supplies: a dozen or more if needed pairs of gardening type gloves.

Haase Landscape: Attending 3 - Chris Haase + two employees to prune and install bark. Bringing Supplies: Bark